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    File Law Firm is a law practice in Raleigh, North Carolina, whose core mission is to tackle challenging client problems, improve each client’s proficiencies, and provide concrete, efficient, and successful solutions. We take pride in becoming personally invested in each client’s situation, improving their lives or business, providing exceptional service, and forging longstanding relationships as a committed and compassionate advocate. This core thread runs through our areas of practice: business law and disputes; landlord-tenant issues; incompetency and legal guardianship for those with disabilities, diminished capacity, mental illness, or addiction; as well as estate disputes and litigation.
    Please see our Areas of Practice to see how our firm can help protect your present and secure your future.

  • Who We are

    As a former Wake County Clerk of Superior Court and Probate Judge, I have presided over countless proceedings related to the collection and enforcement of judgments; incompetency, guardianship, and estate matters; and property disputes. Any attorney can file legal papers and cookie-cutter forms at a courthouse. My focus is on creatively and efficiently achieving excellent, innovative, and client-centered results while providing exceptional service. Most of my clients are referred to me by other clients or attorneys, and I am often brought in as co-counsel or otherwise consulted in difficult cases. I have handled contested incompetency, guardianship, estate disputes, and other Special Proceedings in Wake, Alamance, Chatham, Davie, Durham, and Orange Counties, as well as  complex and contested issues involving fraud, exploitation, business disputes, and landlord-tenant law around the state.